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Frustrated with County Council?

Sheryl is here to change that. She grew up in New Jersey but she's proud to call Greenville home.

She has experience from all over the nation and brings that experience to Greenville. She is here because she CHOSE to be here over anywhere else and that says volumes about her LOVE for Greenville.

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Sheryl believes that communication is key. Between council members, city and county, & Greenville Residents. We have a right to know what is happening in and to our community. So we know that the best possible decisions are being made on our behalf.

Country House


Greenville is growing at a fast pace. Sheryl believes that People, Planet and Profits can co-exist in a healthy and balanced way. Sheryl is able to provide solutions to prevent future problems that reckless over development causes. She also stands for housing for everyone.

Road Constuction

Zoning/public services

2/3rds of Greenville is Un-Zoned. Rural areas need appropriate zoning to protect against massive over-development and allow for future community growth in a smart way. Our roads, buses, sewers, & water lines are just a few examples of public services that need attention. Sheryl will make sure these public services and protections get the attention they deserve.

Take Part in Something Great


Not your

Average Joe


Sheryl gets stuff done!

  • Organizes litter clean-ups to clean our neighborhoods

  • Helps local small businesses to become more sustainable

  • Mentors with GVL Starts and Village Launch to invest in our community

  • Works with local communities to help with funding for many things like broadband internet and more!

Sheryl isn't your Usual candidate.

She's not apart of the good ol' boys club.

She walks her talk.


Since her arrival in 2019, She's...

Not Your Average Joe


Not Your Average Joe

She understands Us.

20 Years as an Environmental Scientist, she knows the need for Responsible development to make sure we have a place to call home for our families.

As a small business owner, she gets what's important and is showing local businesses that the People, Planet and Profits can go together.

​Living up in Cleveland, She understands we NEED good roads and need to pay attention to our utilities with all the new people moving in.


Being part of the minority and under served community, she knows the importance of equal rights and support needed.

Support our Cause


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