After moving here in 2019, it is clear that Greenville is my forever home. I may not have been born here but I CHOOSE to live here because I love Greenville so much.


I stand for a community where we can Use Business as a Force for Good. People, the planet and profits can co-exist in a healthy way so that everyone wins.


It is important the people are treated equally and fairly, our environment is protected and loved, and our local businesses can profit creating growth and new jobs. This is true prosperity in Greenville. 

Guided Growth

Greenville is growing at a fast pace. Sheryl believes that People, Planet and Profits can co-exist in a healthy and balanced way. Sheryl is able to provide solutions to prevent future problems that reckless over development causes. Incorporating green spaces, making sure that our water ways are protected, closing loopholes that allow for unrestricted development, helping control city sprawl. 


She also stands for housing for everyone. Sheryl has helplessly watched as neighborhoods have been gentrified and lost their culture and character. All citizens should be provided the ability to live locally. Sheryl supports affordable and low-income housing requirements. She is tired of the stigma against not being able to afford a $600k house. Pushing people out for the highest dollar amount and most profits is not the solution.

She also believes that housing is a human right and housing solutions should also include those in need of transitional places while they are healing and growing.


2/3rds of our county is NOT zoned. Our county decides what happens in these areas and allows anything from High density housing to clearing EVERY tree from acres and acres of land. We see it all the time driving around. Doing this can cause massive flooding and run-off into our streams and roads.


How many times have you been driving in the pouring rain and see roads covered in red clay or gravel?

There is NO plan for community development as a whole. From Travelers Rest and Slater-Marietta to Taylors, Greer and Landrum. As communities grow we need a plan for future schools, downtown expansions, preserving our farmlands and focus on redeveloping already built areas as much as possible.

We should have a SAY in how our community looks. We live here and it's important to us that our town is moving in a direction that WE want.

Sheryl will ensure that communities are heard and that there is diversity in our zoning and housing for everyone. A diverse community is a healthy one.

Protecting & Preserving Parks & Resources

As development throughout our district begins to grow it is Absolutely Essential that we protect and preserve our parks and natural resources.

Growing up in New Jersey, I've watched over development run wild and pollute drinking water, fishing streams, the lakes we love, etc. I've had to take my sick dog to the vet because they drank from a running stream during our hike that had been contaminated upstream by too much fertilizer coming from an HOA.

I have helped my neighbors while they were living in emergency shelters because their homes were destroyed by flooding due to over development. I've cried with them as we watched everything in their home (carpet, drywall, couches, pictures, etc.) be scooped up with front loader and dumped into a dump truck.

Protection doesn't have to equal no development or growth. We can balance responsible neighborhoods and allow businesses to thrive and create jobs while keeping Greenville County Green.

I already have relationships with local organizations, commissions and SCDHEC to ensure that we have open communication and transparency.

I have dedicated my entire 20 year career to protecting the environment. It is vital to our community, our health and the future of our kids.

Community & Job Growth

Job Growth is in integral part of any community, but it is especially important in Greenville. It can shape how our city looks, where we build housing, transportation options, etc.


Greenville is getting A LOT of attention and is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the US.


With so many people coming to our beautiful county, it is INCREDIBLY important that we are aware of what businesses want to plant roots and how that will impact where we live.


Small business is the fabric of our community. It makes Greenville stand out as such an amazing city.


I will make sure that small businesses are supported to grow, and not be pushed out due to rising rents or by large corporations through zoning and ordinances.


Additionally, I will work to make sure that any large companies moving to our beautiful county, are using their Business as a Force For Good. They will give back to our community (not pollute or overdevelop it for the sake of profits only) so that our kids have a healthy and safe place to grow up.